Jingzun Solid Surface Bathtub Stain Resistance Test

Jingzun solid surface bath, manufacturer and trading combo, is specialized in solid surface bathtub, basin and other bathroom products with more than 11 years. And lots of customers will come up with a question about the stain-resistance of our solid surface products. For your concern, here we do a testing about the stain resistance capability and detail as below showing:

Purpose: Stain-resistance testing of solid surface and PMMA solid surface material.

Preparation: Ink liquid, a tank, 1 pcs Solid surface material (UPR mix filler ATH) sample and 1 pcs of PMMA solid surface material(PMMA mix filler ATH) sample.


Step 1: put the ink liquid into the tank.

Step 2. tap the solid surface and PMMA solid surface and put into the tank in the temperature of 26℃ for 72 hours bathing.

Experimental phenomena:

After 72 hours, both(solid surface and PMMA solid surface) samples are with watermark but ink did not permeate into the material.

We cleaner the surface with water, and use the 800# abrasive paper to sand the watermark and found that the solid surface material use around 30 seconds to remove it off. And PMMA solid surface material, compared to solid surface material, is easier to clean only using around 15 seconds with lightly sanding procession.

After water and sanding cleaning, both of them could be cleaned and renew the same as before.

Conclusion: Both of our material solid surface and PMMA solid surface material pass the stain resistance test.

1. Ink cannot permeate into these two materials.

2. Deep watermark could be removed with water and abrasive paper cleaning.

3. PMMA solid surface performs better on stain resistance capability than solid surface.

So our solid surface and PMMA solid surface is a very good material for bathroom and kitchen products. We are now launched our new series kitchen sink--PMMA solid surface Kitchen sinks 30inch, 33inch, 36inch which is got very good feedback from North American. If you have interested in our solid surface bathroom and kitchen sinks, be free to contact us at any time. We will offer you more details for reference. Thanks.

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